Musical Director

Fredrik Holm

The WYO’s Musical Director is Swedish-born Fredrik Holm, a local conductor, bassoonist, composer and music teacher who lives in Lancaster. Fredrik was known to the Orchestra before being appointed to the post in April 2017, not least because he performed a bassoon solo with the Orchestra in a concert in 2014. He is also a well-known musician who performs in many local ensembles and teaches in local schools. The WYO greatly benefits from his wealth of experience and his enthusiasm, which no doubt contribute no end to the continuing success of the Orchestra’s work.

Teaching Staff

Pamela Redman – Upper String Tutor
Debby Howrie – String tutor
Rachel Moore – Lower Strings tutor
Catherine Scott – Woodwind tutor
Stuart Lewthwaite – Bass tutor
Stella Crompton – Brass tutor
Graham Harris – Lower Brass tutor
Joy Powdrill – Percussion tutor