Feeder Groups

WYO has 3 Feeder Groups for students of beginner to Grade 4 standard.

The Feeder Groups rehearse in Kendal from 6.00-6.45pm prior to the start of the orchestra rehearsal.

WYO runs these groups to advance players generally and also in the hope that the majority will soon progress to the standard needed for joining the orchestra. By playing together, under the expert guidance of a specialist Teacher, and sharing the challenges that their particular instrument presents, we have found that both beginners and established players make great progress whilst having a lot of fun.

There is also a Tango/Jazz Group for players of all abilities, which rehearses at the same time as the Feeder Groups.

Brass Feeder Group
Brass Feeder Group, lead by Stella Crompton & Graham Harris
String Feeder Group
String Feeder Group, lead by Rachel Moore
Wodwind Feeder Group
Woodwind Feeder Group, lead by Catherine Scott
Jazz Group
Jazz Group, lead by Stuart Lewthwaite